Quiz Answers

Below are the answers to the quiz that appears at the end of the Introduction.

1. Taiwan was originally part of China. ˆ

True. Taiwan was annexed by China in 1683, almost a century before the U.S. even existed.

2. Hong Kong was once a British colony. ˆ

True. And if you think China’s government is treating Hong Kong worse than the British did, you need to do some research on the Opium Wars.

3. U.S. troops have occupied China. ˆ

True. The U.S. sent troops to China during the Boxer Rebellion (1899-1901) and again during World War II.

4. Chinese troops have occupied the U.S. ˆ


5. Huawei made the most popular smart phone in the world before the company was hit by U.S. sanctions. ˆ

Yes, Huawei’s smart phone ranked #1 globally before the U.S. sanctions shot it down.

6. The U.S. has nearly 800 military bases in other countries compared to a handful for China. ˆ

True, except calling China’s military bases “a handful” might be too generous.

7. China is practicing genocide against Uyghurs living in Xinjiang. ˆ

That question really can’t be answered because no one really knows exactly what the term genocide means. If we define it as the large scale slaughter of a group of people, then the answer is probably FALSE. Western media whores just like to toss around the word genocide for shock value.

8. Huawei is the global leader in 5G technology. ˆ

True. Even in the face of U.S. sanctions, it is still beating the competition.

9. China hasn’t fought a war since 1979. ˆ

True. The Sino-Vietnamese War was China’s last war, though it has fought subsequent skirmishes with India.

10. China and Vietnam have both beaten the U.S. on the battlefield. ˆ

True. Vietnam won a war against the U.S.

The most popular movie in China is currently “The Battle at Lake Changjin,” which chronicles the bloody Battle of Chosin Reservoir. Though the Americans were eventually able to break free, they were subsequently forced to evacuate the region, marking their complete withdrawal from North Korea.